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Download PDF sewing guidance files here:


How to sew DIY Bedding with Full Zipper 👉

CHOOSE YOUR Sweet Family Dreams

Children sleeping in Swan Dance duvet cover & pillow cover.

How to sew the Tote Bag (DK/EN)

The bag is part of the DIY Bedding kit 👈☝️☝️😍👍

Image display of the sew/diy tote bag. Part of the diy bedding kit.

How To Construct A T-Shirt (EN)

Learn how to draw a t-shirt pattern by copying your favorite t-shirt.

Find  unique printed fabric for your new t-shirt 👉 HERE 👈 😃 

How To Sew The Blouse (EN)

Download Free Pattern

  • Tracing the Blouse pattern pieces (size xs-xl) 👉👉👉
  • The actual sewing of the Ejm Art Blouse (part 1 & 2)

*You can jump to a specific time: Simply manual guide the time-slider to the “chapter” of interest (see timeframes below clips).

FIND Your Unique

06:00 – 01:33 Example on the tracing of the patterns

01:34 – 01:55 When using the pattern pieces for made to measure (mtm) prints

01:56 – 03:43 About cutting the ribbons

03:44 – 05:09 About pinning and cutting the front and back pieces of mtm prints

Part 1

00:07 – 00:28 Brief intro. regarding use of layplan for mtm and normal all-over prints

00:28 – 01:52 Assembling and sewing

00:53 – 02:00 Front and back (shoulder seams)

02:58 – 03:54 About cutting the ribbons (how I calculated the shortening)

03:55 – 04:34 The neckline ribbon (measuring and cutting)

04:35 – 05:12 The sleeve ribbons (measuring and cutting)

05:13 – 06:00 The bottom hem-ribbons (measuring and cutting)

06:00 – 07:18 Attaching the neck ribbon

Part 2

00:00 – 01:10 Overlock ribbon to neck; an attachment method

01:11 – 03:43 Preparing & pinning; attaching sleeve ribbons

03:44 – 06:36 Preparing & pinning; attaching bottom hem-ribbons

06:37 – 07:18 Final stitching

5-Steps to sew the The Bat Dress & How to trace the FREE Pattern 

  • Tracing the Bat Dress (size xs-xxl) 👉👉👉

The actual sewing of the Bat Dress > see all steps below:

  1. Sewing the Bat Dress outer layer
  2. Tape for holding the shape of the shoulder seams, finishing the french seams & hemming the bottom edge
  3. Sleeve finish with tape
  4. Sewing of the inner layer and attaching it to the outer layer
  5. Neckline finish with inner tape

How to trace the Bat Dress Pattern

Did you download the pattern, but have no clue on how to assemble it?
Find guide on assembling the pattern here

Part 1 out of 5

Sewing the Bat Dress outer layer

Part 3 out of 5

Sleeve finish with tape.

Find Your Unique

Part 2 out of 5

Tape for holding the shape of the shoulder seams, finishing the french seams & hemming the bottom edge.

Part 4 out of 5

Sewing of the inner layer and attaching it to the outer layer.

Part 5 out of 5

Neckline finish with inner tape.

How to sew the Flare Dress with inseam pockets (EN)

Download Free Pattern

  • Step by step guidance
  • Sewing of french seams
  • Sewing of nice round tube straps
  • How to sew inseam pockets


This clip also has very nice and thorough step by step guidance on how to tuck a rounding seam accomplishing a nice sewing result. And you get a tip on how to accomplish a weavy flare hem result.

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