I am

Esther Jane Mitchell.

I have a master degree in Design from the School of Architecture in Copenhagen, DK.
I am an educated tailor, fashion designer and webmaster. I work with illustrations, photography, graphic design, construction, sewing, and all issues related to having a website.

I consider myself an artist. An artist of design and crafts. Its all interrelated, and for me, all is Art.
I have a tremendous passion for the creatives.

I am the creator and designer of the woman trendbook Innovate Her, which was published for the fashion design industry in 2006 – 2009. Seasonal forecasting books filled with inspirational designs, colors & prints. See some examples on one of the books below:

Model in white t-shirt. Cover image for how to copy your favorite t-shirt.

E.J.M. are pronounced I`m and are my initials for Esther Jane Mitchell 😉
Art, Design & Crafts defines me; Therefore  Ejm Art

  • I love to capture nature as I see it
  • I love to develop prints
  • I love to construct & sew
  • I love to interpret History & the Present in my designs
  • I love to paint abstract, figurative, the female body… 

Its amazing to be able to build my own website, to show, and offer you my Art. The Art that I create, because I love to do it. The Art that speaks to me, that tells me to put their stories into writing because my Prints are Art, my Photos are Art and Art has always a story to tell.

I will love to combine my passion for the creative with Your´s.

Do you love to sew?
With a sustainable mindset?
I often experience a connection between me and my sewing peers, so I antisipate you´r missing some of the same fabric designs and sewing items as I did, such as my diy bedding kit.
BUT I would like to actually design with you. Therefore do not hesitate to let me know what else or more you are missing ? 👉   Send me an email with your wishes and desires. 

Go to I offer to learn more on what you already get. 🤩  



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