HOW TO work with Ejm Art MTM?

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  • How it works (English speech) > overal brief introduction covering the following subjects:
    • The downloadable pattern file: Ejm Art Blouse & Sweater XS-XL pattern
    • Using pattern pieces for any fabric
    • Using the pattern pieces for for “MTM Garment Prints” (which is fabric printed in print sections for all pattern pieces)
    • MTM huge repeat prints
  • MTM-garment (English speech) > guidance on how to use of Ejm Art patterns XS-XL for Ejm Art garment designs:
    • Understanding MTM lay-plans
    • Lay of chosen sizes
  • Assemble pattern (English speech) > How to print the Ejm Art patterns and guidance on how to assemble (cut and tape) the “garment pattern” (alternatively; get it printet from your local professional printer/plotter).

How it works


Assemble Pattern (make sure to have a newer version than version 9 of Adobe Reader installed)

  • 00:00 – 00:47 Intro (recommended to hear & see)
  • 00:47 – 01:44 How to print (the print settings)
  • 01:44 – 04:00 Lay the charts as a puzzle (the assembling part)
  • 03.05 Recommended part to hear, if you should plan to skip the above timelines

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