Here you will  find guidance on:

  • How to sew this and that 🙂
  • How to work with Ejm Art MTM, what it´s about, the use of layplans and how to download & assemble A4 pages into 1:1 patterns pattern pieces.

Are you new at sewing?

  • You can download  FREE Patterns & follow my FREE sewing guidances

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HOW TO work with Ejm Art MTM etc.

  • How it works (overal brief introduction on downloadable patterns and their usefulness)
  • Assemble pattern (cut and tape Ejm Art garment patterns or you can choose to order it printet in one piece from your local professional printer (plotter))
  • MTM-garment (use of Ejm Art patterns XS-XL for Ejm Art made to measure garment designs)

FREE sewing Guidance

Guidance on sewing processes

  • Garment sewing
  • DIY Bedding
  • Downloads
    • Sewing guidance documents

FREE Patterns

Including layplans and helpful descriptions

  • Garments

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