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I am Thankful
Thankful for my family, for my friends & for my colleagues
Thankful for traditions, which gives us time to get together & enjoy one another
I am thankful for the smile from a stranger.
…Let us never forget to give it back.

This heart print is in gratitude to all the wonders in my life.
The pattern is available in three color versions which all are in two scales. Very nice for home decor products, but suitable for any project of your liking.

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 LOOK DOWN TO THE Left and click 👉 By EjmArt to find other Ejm Art prints to select on a vast amount of fabrics. 

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If you loose track of Ejm Art designs, you can always type “ejmart” in the search field and find your way back.

The Print mainly evolved by working with the heart of the Wonderland collection and thingking of gratitude & traditions.

Thankful, Lovely, Magic and Four are all Prints of the Wonderland collection.


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 Art check are handdrawn (afterwards vectorised/digital drawn) art nouveau swans bordered by flowers in half drop on a checked pattern. 

Art nouveau and Art deco are some of my favorit periods in history. Since my choice of adding Celtic vibes to my designs, I have learned so much more about hidden symbols and fascinating stories associated to them… 

Besides studying the history of tartans, my poem has been inspired from the following website, which reading I found very interesting: