MTM 152cm x 1 meter, Sing Bird



The MTM Sing Bird design is a made to measure the FREE “Ejm Art Blouse Pattern XS-XL” . Follow the instructions given at the downloadable Pattern pieces. 

Click Pattern pieces to download the FREE “Ejm Art Blouse Pattern XS-XL”

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The mtm 152cm x 1meter fabric Sing Bird design is based on my Photo Art “Sing Bird”. You can use the FREE Blouse & Sweater pattern to sew the short sleeved blouse or you can use the design for a pillow case, tea towels or any project you find suitable.
Mtm is made for minimal fabric waste and best economic buy.

The story…This wonderful bird was singing just outside my window embraced in light of dramatic clouds. …Very unique.
…Dear H.C.Andersen I came to think of you one of Denmarks greatest story teller:

“She sung of the quiet churchyard, where the white roses grow, where the elder-tree wafts its perfume on the breeze, and the fresh, sweet grass is moistened by the mourners’ tears.” (H.C.Andersen)




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