Lovely Near & Lovely Far

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My dear myself. Take a deep breath, look up… The sun is smiling. Listen…Listen to the sound of your breath…
Surrounded by the greens of the wood, a scent of freedom. The wind whispers in my ears..
Oh my, I see, there it is, the entrance to Wonderland.

Tartan pattern with enchanted drawings to evoke a feeling of magic, tradition and nostalgia.
The print is available in three color versions and in two scales.

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I am so busy in my everyday life. I find that life passes me by without me actually realising it. Everything is routine and I always have something to catch up on within a given time. Everything has its agenda. I have to remind myself to stop and look up, to break my pattern once in a while and allow myself to take the time & enjoy the things in life that enriches my mind on a completely different level…
Not so long ago I took the time to enjoy a walk into the woods, I fantasied, played make believe and so I found the entrance to Wonderland. Enchanted by Alice and the Red Queen, I went on a trip of nostalgia. I recalled a Danish Christmas movie “Christmas in Gammelby” which is filmed in the Old Town in Aarhus, Denmark, and takes you back to the end of the 19th century.
With thoughts on Christmas, magic, the zeitgeist and times of the past, my print design development fase lead me to the collection of Wonderland; Lovely, Thankful, Magic and Four.

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