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Print repeat size: 52cm x 52cm (20,5″ x 20,5″)
Pixels & Resolution: 3080px x 3072px / 150ppi
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Lad Os Skabe Sammen!

Denne vare er p.t. ikke på lager og er derfor ikke tilgængelig.

All color versions are included in the price


On a biketrip, out in the blue, I found my senses seduced by the touch of the sun softly warming my cheeks while I was taking a deep breath of the wonderful fragrance from a field of golden wheat. My view reworded by the most lovely sight of  wild, soft rose poppies showing of their glory in artistic isolation and in graceful clusters.

Now translated into a bold all-over print which in a light version pass on the romantic scenery and in the dark versions either emphasises a elegant touch or a delightful refreshment.

Wild Poppies are photo-manipulative transformed close to its origin.

Your customers can compliment the print, with the photo art serie it originates from ,by clicking  HER 

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