Vilde valmuer, Plakater

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On a biketrip, out in the blue, I found my senses seduced by the touch of the sun softly warming my cheeks while I was taking a deep breath of the wonderful fragrance from a field of golden wheat. My view reworded by the most lovely sight of  wild, soft rose poppies showing of their glory in artistic isolation and in graceful clusters.

All artwork are 14″x14″ (35cmx35cm). Please select your preferred color version below.

Ejm Art offers 20% discount by a purchase of minimum 3.


Vilde valmuer, Plakater is sure to make a statement in any space. Together with the print; Wild Poppies e.g. made into a table cloth or for beddings, you would have a great story to tell, since Vilde valmuer, Plakater is the origin of the print design.

The Poster is matte, museum-quality durable, archival paper.



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original 1, original 2, original 3, new wheat 1, new wheat 2, new wheat 3, grayscale 1, grayscale 2, grayscale 3, pristine 1, pristine 2, pristine 3


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