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Twinking little stars, enchant me with your dust.
Sun of light & power pull me out of my coma & free me from the chains of blindness.
Magical moon blow a cast and make it last.
…I believe, I believe in magic.

Occult; enchanted drawings of magic.
The print is available in two color versions. Very nice for giftwraps but suitable for any project of your liking.

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I am happy to be a dreamer. To always being able to believe in something better, in something magical. I believe we can be who ever we want to be in this world. In fact I know.
Unfortunately I often choose to feed the wrong wolf..
I decide which thoughts to feed… Occasional I dont put up a fight against the fear, that then controls my behaviour. So I become unsecure, stressed, chaotic and without any control.
Fortunately I also get to feed the right wolf..
And when I do my life is wonderful. I am in control and the fear is gone. Positive thoughts floats within my mind and nothing that is said or done gets turned into something negative.
I hope one day to crack the nut and always feed the right wolf. Until then I am not in doubt that my believe in magic and my believe in God is my key to never giving up.

With thoughts on Christmas, magic, the zeitgeist and times of the past, my print design development fase lead me to the collection of Wonderland; Lovely, Thankful, Magic and Four.

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