Ejm Art Swans & Crackled Chaos



The swans & crackled chaos prints are combined into a made to measure (MTM) Ejm Art garment design, in this case for the Ejm Art blouse size XS-XL to which you can download the pattern pieces from the Download menu.

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The swan and the crackled chaos are handdrawn art nouveau & deco inspired artwork, afterwards vectorised (digital drawn), then developed into a surface swan print and a crackled chaos seamless repeat. Together they are MTM prints for the Ejm Art blouse. The purpose to create an artistic, majestic bold print design.

Art nouveau and Art deco are some of my favorit periods in history. The 8th of February 2018 was the 100 year anniversary of Gustav Klimt’s death. Some of my prints are inspired from Klimt´s use of gold and glitter and others are inspired from the beautiful architectural and painting lines used in the work of Hector Guirmar and Alfons Mucha.

The Art Swans & Crackled Chaos narrative are artistic & majestic. I hope you like it.



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