Art Elefly

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Art nouveau Elephants & Butterflies.

“I am beautiful. I am proud, I am majestic.
I am selflessly concerned for the well-being of others. I am self-aware, I grief and I pay my respect to those I have lost. 
I’m big but I am fragile… like a Butterfly. Take care of me.”

A cute design for many projects. E.g. you can sew European bedding sizes or buy finished American sized bedding.

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Hvis du farer vild og gerne vil finde tilbage til Ejm Art designs, kan du altid skrive "ejmart" i søgefeltet og finde vejen tilbage.

This print is part of a serie of art nouveau and art deco prints, which are a tribute to the art of the decades. A message; take care of the elephants and in general the animals of our planet.

I loved to combine the Elephants & the Butterflies with the Dream Orbit print. This version adds a childish aesthetic sense which could be lovely for children projects or adults with a youthful soul.

I was inspired to write the poem after I read an article at Africa Geographic. If we do not care, the children of the future will be remembering elephants as the dinosaurs of the 21st century. (



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