Who is it for and what will it be about?

I have never had a blog before, and ejmart.dk has just seen it´s light!

Im very exited and anxious. I hope You find Your way to my blog and my site

…and, that when You do, You will love what I offer and I can´t wait for Us to create together!

My blog and ejmart.dk are for You with no sewing skills, You with sewing skills and for B2B…
For all You creative people out there looking for prints to process on textiles, giftwraps, wallpaper and home décor products to decorate your home with.

Just in case You haven´t yet taken a tour of ejmart.dk, a brief intro:

I am a creative soul who loves it all; drawing, designing, painting, creating prints, photograph & creating photo art, constructing pattern-pieces, sewing, working with videoclips, with wordpress, with creative programs…It´s ALL soooo much my passion! I wish I was 15 people in one.

I was told that there are several entrepreneur profiles out there, one of them; the entrepreneur who wants it all… But, it is important to have 1 focus area!

Well I have 1 focus area, which are my PRINTS, that You can purchase on fabric, wallpaper and giftwraps from my My Shop at Spoonflower and my prints on home textiles purchasable from ejmart at Roostery. These two are fabulous platforms for creative people such as myself to sell my prints.

Since I LOVE IT ALL, You will also find inspirational offerings and free pattern pieces on some of my designs, as well as sewing guidance’s.

Watch the “Appetizer videoclip” above and see my introduction videoclip by clicking HER to get a more general tour of Ejm Art.


My blog will be about interacting with You:

Well as You know, I´m not yet familiar with having a blog, but it will be cool to use it as a medium to interact with You..

  • To give You insight to my world (hopefully You will find it interesting)
  • To do my best to meet Your requests, so let me know what type of prints You are interested in?
  • And I guess this blog will also be a good spot for sharing news to come
  • I would love to see your work with my prints and hear about Your ideas!
    Below the videoclip, You should be able to leave comments and upload Your work here at my blog, which You also are able to do below my prints by clicking the Reviews “button”: Just click Print to go to that menu/page of ejmart.dk > click the print you like and at the bottom of that page you will find the Reviews “button”.
    I will love for Us to inspire Each Other!


Please like and share ejmart.dk to help me become visible in the global jungle of opportunities!

Have a super nice time!

Let’s create together!