MTM 142cm x 2meter Sweater Celtic-Tree & Blouse Art-Elephant

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Designed to fit the FREE “Ejm Art Blouse & Sweater XS-XL Pattern”.

Due to best possible utility of fabric & economic buy, the MTM Celtic Tree Sweater Blue is purchasable as a unit with the Blouse Art-Elephant as a bonus, since the Sweater on its own would need 142cm x 2meters (56″x 78.74″) of fabric since (unfortunately) only whole meters can be purchased. 

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This print is part of a serie of art nouveau and art deco prints, which are a tribute to the art of the decades. A message; take care of the elephants (and animals in general).

In regard to artwork in Celtic style….

I am fascinated by the world of mystery, occult signs and meanings. I love the messages hidden in beautiful crafted symbols such as the Tree of Life and the Celtic Heart. What a beautiful belief that trees were the ancestors of man and had a connection to the other world. That a design that has no beginning and no ending entwined with a heart is a symbol for eternal love and a union of souls.

2 reviews for MTM 142cm x 2meter Sweater Celtic-Tree & Blouse Art-Elephant

  1. esther jane mitchell

    I made the blouse design with the Art-Elephant and placed myself in a dreamy environment with small elephants working the path of hope. I love my blouse which I made in the “organic cotton knit ultra” fabric. The print colour appears a bit faded due to cotton not taking in the colour as great as synthetic fabrics, but with this type of print its okay. I though do not recommend to create the blue Celtic Tree design in a pure cotton quality, this design turns out much nicer in e.g. the modern jersey fabric. 🙂

  2. ejm

    I sewed the blouse with the Art Elephant design and the Celtic Tree sweater in “Organic Cotton Knit Ultra” fabric. I am very happy about it. The print color is nice for the blouse and has a faded look for the sweater. I recommend the cotton fabric for more surface like prints on a light background, and the colorful prints to be used on e.g. the Modern Jersey fabric, which I used for the Art Butterfly Blouse.

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