Beklædning (GDS) og/eller Boligtekstiler (GDS)

Most of my designs are mainly for display and inspirational purpose.
When I create pattern pieces of my designs, they will be uploaded with guidance. See the Tips & Ideer og/eller Mønsterdele for uploads so far.

I am in the process of building up this great creative platform, where I offer FREE patterns, which I hope you will use with Ejm Art print designs. You are though welcome to use them for any fabric you like…

In return I hope you will “like” and “share” to help me become visible in the global jungle of opportunities!And let me know about your creations!

Ejm Art is a one man artist project, and I have chosen to build up my offers by just going with the flow.. so more patterns are to come and will be announced as soon as they do.

My prints can be used for many purposes, so please don´t feel any limitation towards your own ideas of use!

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