Celtic Swan

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I strive for perfection,
my beautiful Celtic Swan.
Did I fail you? I see you…
Your imperfection, so I hurried to fix you…
No, I dare to let You be,
suddenly I see..
My perfect imperfection.

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This Print is created by hand- and digital drawings of  Celtic symbols in a mix with Art Nouveau swans from which a pattern of geometric flowers, circles & triangles arises.

I am fascinated by the world of mystery, occult signs and meanings. I love the messages hidden in beautiful crafted symbols, in this design the Tree of Life and the Celtic knot (as a braid); No beginning & no ending, the endlessness of nature, our spirit being timeless.
And what a beautiful belief that trees were the ancestors of man and had a connection to the other world… 

My poem came to be due to a mistake I thought to discover, only to recognise the beauty in imperfection.



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