Art Elephant Chess

All-over Print


Gilded & silver decorative elephants walking shiftwise in fields of light & dark. Each in a frame of rustic gold glitter.
Everything in the universe consists of two forces that are opposing but complementary, thereof the shiftwise dark and light chess version.

The print can be used for many purposes. Be inspired, see it used for bedding.

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The Art Elephant Chess are handdrawn art nouveau & deco inspired artwork, afterwards vectorised (digital drawn). 

Elephants are proud and majestic creatures. All my elephant prints are a tribute to both this wonderful animal and to my love of Art Nouveau which together with Art deco are some of my favorite periods in history.
The 8th of February 2018 was the 
100 year anniversary of Gustav Klimt’s death. Some of my prints are inspired from Klimt´s use of gold and glitter and others are inspired from the beautiful architectural and painting lines used in the work of Hector Guirmar and Alfons Mucha.



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