Art Check

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Unravel the myth, whats hidden inside? I wish to belong, could Art Check be mine?
My clan should be kind, filled with love so divine.
Reach far and unite, be precious and fine.
You beautiful swan, so loyal and strong. For life you mate, be my messenger of faith.
Reflect your gracefulness and power… so I can awake with your strength and beauty within the hour.

Its so giving to dig into the symbols & meanings which are associated with names & artefacts.
Art Check is so definitely to be Ejm Art´s clan dress.

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 Art check are handdrawn (afterwards vectorised/digital drawn) art nouveau swans bordered by flowers in half drop on a checked pattern. 

Art nouveau and Art deco are some of my favorit periods in history. Since my choice of adding Celtic vibes to my designs, I have learned so much more about hidden symbols and fascinating stories associated to them… 

Besides studying the history of tartans, my poem has been inspired from the following website, which reading I found very interesting:



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