MTM Blouse 142cm x 2meter, Art-Elephant & Orbit-Butterfly


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Due to best possible utility of fabric & economic buy, the MTM Art-Elephant & Orbit-Butterfly is designed as a unit. The design fits within 142cm x 2meters (56″x 78.74″) of fabric. Shrinkage in width 4% and length 3% is calculated into the design. I recommend the “Modern Jersey” fabric which you can select from my Spoonflower shop.

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“I am beautiful. I am proud, I am majestic.
I am selflessly concerned for the well-being of others. I am self-aware, I grief and I pay my respect to those I have lost. 
I’m big but I am fragile… like a Butterfly. Take care of me.”

This print is part of a serie of art nouveau and art deco prints, which are a tribute to the art of the decades. A message; take care of the animals of our planet.

I loved to combine the Butterflies with the Dream Orbit print. For me, the hypnotising magical sphere of power of which Im drawn into by the Dream Orbit design, emphasises the aesthetics of the art nouveau style and vise versa.


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