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B2B (denne side er pt. kun på engelsk)
Royalty-Free Non-Exclusive & Exclusive
Below a brief on the Ejm Art Non-Exclusive & Exclusive License Agreement. Click EJM ART NON-EXCLUSIVE & EXCLUSIVE LICENSE-AGREEMENT to read the agreement in its full.

Regarding Exclusive print files. Only one organization can use the artwork file(s).
Please contact Ejm Art  for exclusive licensing. (see contact infos below).

See all Non-Exclusive print files at the gallery below. These prints are purchasable at fabrics og/eller home textiles, If you wish to share the right to use  the artwork files with me and others or investigate the possibility of making some Exclusive , please contact Ejm Art.

Phone: +45 60103563


Please contact Ejm Art to purchase print files (see contact infos above)

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