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Below a brief on the Ejm Art Non-Exclusive & Exclusive License Agreement. Click EJM ART NON-EXCLUSIVE & EXCLUSIVE LICENSE-AGREEMENT to read the agreement in its full.

Click for Exclusive print files. Only one organization can use the artwork file(s) offered at this platform.
See the gallery of which files continuously will be released  for download. Ejm Art also offers license content on an Exclusive Custom Made basis. Please contact Ejm Art  for special wishes (see contact infos below)

Click for Non-Exclusive print files to see the gallery. These prints are purchasable at fabrics and home textiles, If you wish to share the right to use  the artwork files with me and others or investigate the possibility of making it Exclusive , please contact Ejm Art.

Email: info@ejmart.dk
Phone: +45 60103563


Please contact Ejm Art (see contact infos above)


Prints are removed as soon as they have been purchased.

By exclusive license Ejm Art agrees not to grant other licenses. As soon as you have purchased & downloaded the file(s), this content is exclusive licensed to you for unlimited, perpetual use within a timeframe of 1000 days of which an renewal can be negotiated. 

See Gallery below the product (packages) for prints which are continuously released for license downloads. Please note that some belong within a File Series; see the Exclusivity Print-File Series for all their contents by clicking the purchasable prints (product packages) below.
Contact  Ejm Art if you have interest in a print not yet released for download, or in any custom made designs. 

Please contact Ejm Art:f
Email: info@ejmart.dk
Phone: +45 60103563

Exclusive Print Gallery

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